Sports Day 2019

Yesterday (10th July 2019) Park House School held their sports day with a twist. The event was beach themed with activities ranging from hook a duck, to pirate dress up, to the “coconut” and spoon race. All of the pupils competed brilliantly and it was a lovely afternoon in the sun. Congratulations go to Red Class for winning the event overall and well done to all of the pupils involved.

Thanks to the Parent Forum for arranging a summer fun day around sports day with art activities and games for the children as well as a raffle and second-hand uniform sale for parents with all proceeds going towards the Rainy Day Fund. They also provided a snack stand for the pupils with fruit kebabs and other healthy treats.

Thanks also to Octopus Giving for once more sending a wonderful group of volunteers to help run the event, and then get competitive in the space hopper race!